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7th August, 2021

Hi ! Its been a long long time since the last time i review a skincare here. And i'm so excited to tell you about my skincare for the last month. Can you imagine that i only used two product for a whole month? CRAAAAZYYY !! Hahahaha

This is me challenging the product to see if it really works or not. For the whole month since 5th July until 7th August, i didn't used any other skincare. And...to make it more interesting, i even skip my skincare for a week before testing it. So...without any further intro, this is my review for SCARLETT BRIGHTLY EVER AFTER SERUM & BRIGHTENING FACIAL WASH.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum & Brightening Facial Wash

Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum

When the package arrived, i was surprised because they took extra precaution for their product. Each product has their own box with general information like ingredients, directions, benefits and how to keep the product. This is not me trying to shame another brand but..not every brand do this to make sure the product safely arrived in their customer's house !

The Serum.

Packaging : As i told you before, i'm in love with the packaging. Not only designed to safely shipped, the pipette and the serum's bottle work well, i had zero complain. And everything i need to know about this product, i can easily find it in the box. Not to mention the travel friendly size !

Ingredients : This little cutie is consist of Aqua, Nicotinamide, 1,3 Butylene Glycol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Water, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Arisaema Amurense Extract, 2-Phemoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcelullose, Glutathione, Amimomethyl Propanol, Ethyl Macadamiate, Decyl Glucoside, Pentane-1,2-diol, Di Na EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tamarindus Indica Seed Gum, Biosaccharide Gum-1, 1,2-Hexanediol, 2-Amini-1-Butanol, Tocopherol, Malic Acid, C.I 16255. 

Claims : Glutatione and Vitamin C is an antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals. Giving a brighter, glowy and more even complexion. Niacinamide to help visibly minimize enlarged pores. Lavender to calm the skin.

BPOM RI : NA18201901367

Size : 15ml

Price : Rp75.000,-

How to Use : apply 2-3 drops and massage into skin. Can be used day and night.

To my surprise the serum is quite runny, not as thick as i though it would be. And for my dry skin, this serum easily absorb into my skin. So there's no reason to skip my skin care even in a very hectic morning. Just this serum, sunblock and powder then i'm ready to go. No hustle baby ! For you who doesn't like too much fragrant in your skincare...you will love this one.

The Facial Wash.

Packaging : Box and see thorough plastic bottle. This serves me right because i often drop it in the bathroom but tit remain safe. I can see the rose petal in it !

Ingredients : Aqua, Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanolamide, Glycerin, Rosa Canina Flower, Cocamidopropyl BetaineAmmonium Salt, Aloevera, Acrylates Copolymer, Glutathione, Triisopropanolamine, dmdh Hydantoin, Glass Beads Vit E, EDTA. No Alcohol and paraben free !!

Claims : A must have first step for clean, toned skin with flawless, minimized pores. A powerful yet gentle blend of petal flower and aloevera hydrate your skin, tightens pores and removes impurities. Glutatione (designed to effectively lighten the skin). Vitamin E (clinically proven to reduce the appearance of large pores, wrinkle and uneven skin tone) enhances overall skin appearance for smooth radiance.

BPOM RI : NA18211202458

Size : 100ml

Price : Rp75.000,-

How to Use : moisten your skin and massage the gel in small circle, paying attention to areas that are oily or dull. Rise off thoroughly with warm water to reveal a softer, smoother skin.

This facial was gel smells sooooo good ! I guess its from the rose petal. And what i love the most about this product is..it gives me instant hydrated skin. 

Although they mention to used 2-3 drops, i think i used it more than that. Because i want it to cover my whole face and neck. Even so...after a month i spent only half of it. So i assumed this product could last for 2 months. 

before - after

After using it for a month, i can say this two product is a best deal. Its like Rp35.000,- each product for a month. Its..quite cheap isn't it? This series actually has its day and night cream but just by using its serum my skin completely hydrated and a bit brighter. In a month there's no acne, no itchy feeling, no dryness, no breakout. To be honest, i'm so surprised. 

In short..the claims are true (at least in me). And if you're looking for a product that is pocket friendly and help your dull skin to be brighter and hydrated, this one is definitely for you. 

For more information you can open Scarlett's Instagram Account and if you want to buy check Scarlett's Shoppee Official Account. 

See you !

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