Finally Go Out.

11:29:00 PM

September, 13th 2020

After months staying at home, we're finally decided to go out, go to nature. Since my the day before my friend went to Situgunung and she said its almost empty, we thought its safe for us to go there taking Keenan.

We went the in the morning and only met several people. Several time when we're hiking we found around self alone in the wood. So refreshing !

Turn out there're changes in Situgunung management. If last time i went there its only one entrance fee, now there're 3 entrance fee. The expensive one even offer a kind of buggy car. I though the track would be the same so we chose the cheapest one. Little did we know the track of the cheapest one was different and tiring. hahahaha

Its quite a journey, tiring yet happy! Perhaps because we're already stayed at home for too long.

When we arrived and saw the waterfall Keenan seems not excited. But when we played in ther river...he loved it so much ! Up until this day he keeps on asking us to go there again. But if we remember how on the way back he asked to be piggy backed...well. Perhaps some other time okay? hehehe

Cant believe how happy we were to go out. This is something we cant appreciate before pandemic. God, please...can the pandemic just vanished?

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