Keenan's 4th Birthday !

10:51:00 PM

We planed so much for his birthday, we have talked with a playground owner, cake, food...but everything was ruined because of...COVID 19.

Since March the three of us moved to our house officially and stayed at home since our office allowed us to. So, its been a month of us seeing no other but ourself, in the most unsure moment ever. At first we thought about delay the birthday wishing the pandemic would go away soon. But in the end we agreed to celebrated it at home with family. Thank God we did, the pandemic turn out to be so long

Seeing my parents and siblings again really made us happy, Keenan especially. He's smiling form ear to ear ! It was also the first time i cooked for my family, its quite..satisfying for me.

Keenan, tho it was so simple i wish you had a wonderful birthday. You've grown so much into a very smart, loving, healthy and kind boy. My prayer for you too much to be written down, but please know that you're so loved. 

Happy Birthday Son !

Lets go learning how to use the real bike !

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