My Weight Loss Journey..

9:19:00 PM

January, 15th 2020

One of the biggest insecurities that i have is about my body. You can tell me everything about body positivity but i know that im less confidence if my weight is beyond 60. Before married my weight was 59, so in January 2019 when i was 60 i felt..okay, only plus 1. I didn't do anything until on August 2019 my weight was 67.5. I was huge !!

I tried everything, from joined a freeletic club, run very afternoon, joined muaythai club until buying ionic sport wear but mu weight was quite the same. So i thought i need to changed diet. But i didn't know much so i just choose what i've done before witch is changing my breakfast to WRP on the go. And the result on January 2020 my weight was 62,7. Not bad.

So when WRP team asked me to be the model for instagram champaign, of course i said yes because i did consumed it. I even made the black dress for it hehehe

Please forgive my stiff pose, its been so long since the last time someone properly took my picture :P

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