First PreWedding Picture

10:32:00 AM

December, 24th 2012

Roemah Foto asked me to joined them taking Teh Icha prewedding picture. They dont need my picture of course, they took way better picture. They asked me so i could learn to shoot better, see? like i said before, they are soooo nice :)

Teh Icha is a very cheerful and friendly person. While her partner which i forget the name, was not that active, quite shy. But watched them as i took pictures, i really see that they really fall for each other. Sweet :*

The photoshoot took place at the new road between Baros and Cibolang. And thats the picture taken that day. Ugh...i really need to learn how to edit beside learn how to shoot. :(


A Zulfi and A Fadly from Roemah Foto really teach me that day. The photosession was fun though it was so shiny and hot. And Teh Icha was so kind to buy us ice creams in that kind of weather. hihihi

In the car on the way back home, i made Teh Icha told their story. And i concluded that...every relationship has their own challege. Whether its distance, family, ego, or anything else. I just cant help wondering why they keep struggling for it. Why they are so sure of their partner. I mean..of so many choices, why him? why her?

"Chaaa, when you found the right man, you'll be surprised of how sure you are with him, with the life you both gonna shared. " Teh Icha told me. And of all a sudden, i see one face. Could it be you?

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