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January, 10th 2013

Soooooo...beside all the new thing i learn, in this spare time during my so called holiday, i fulfilled my own dream to be a teacher. And it fells in the world where i should belong. Happy, yes im so happy. :))

Alya :)

I applied in an English course named I-titor, after several test and training. Im officially be a part of the teacher staff. At first i handle four class. Kindergarten class, Elementary class, Junior high class and Senior high class. But since my family need me (as a driver, of course -__- ) so i resign for late class. Now, i only handle two classes, elementary and senior high class. hehe

Alya gave me this :*
Okay, lets start with Alya. Before i came, this kindergarten class had a lot of children, but they left due. Some of them moving and some took a religion class in the same time. So the class consist of only Alya. She's cute and puffy. Handling kindergarten student was....a challenge. When she happy and likes you, everything would be much easier. But of course, it took a lot of patience, we need to follow what they want and put the lesson in it. 

With Alya, everyday was a brand new day. One day we draw, one day we sing, one day we read a story book and one day we play video games. My tenet is that she get the lesson, how to get it is what i compromize to what she wanted. Too bad she moving too, and the class dismissed. Alya is the first person who ever sing while i play violin. She is kind miss-able lil girl, isn't she?  :)

how teach in elementary class, i draw it hahaha
made by Salwa
In Junior high i only came in two days. To my opinion, junior high was the hardest to handle. They're so busy with their handphone, with their jokes and it sooo hard to make them listen to us. Perhaps i get some more days i'll find a way to handle it, but two days clearly wasn't enough. Oh, on the second days i oversee them on a quiz given by the former teacher. And it was so...funny watching them trying to cheat. Oh lil children, im an expert cheater back then, so dont mess up with me. HAHAHAHA *evil smirk*

Salwa, Dinda, Sefty and Cyla - my elementary student
Delon :))

Here comes the elementary class, my most favorite one. At first the class consist of Salwa and Sefty. But now their friend join us so i had Salwa, Sefty, Dinda, Cyla and Delon. This class is a games and drawing freak. Almost every meeting spent on that two things, beside the lesson of course. One day we're talking about food, and i draw some example. Of all a sudden i get their attention and we draw so many food together. And its works, when i ask them in some other day, they remember the name. Cool. They also love playing games, mostly we did some guess-what-we-do games and translating games. We could yell and have fun together. Cool :)

Salwa is the smartest, Sefty is a spoiled girl (in a good way), Dinda is a bit quite and cute girl, Cyla is a worry free girl, and Delon is shy and cute sounded boy. I just so happy to be their teacher. On our last exam, all of them get a good score. Yippy ! :)

Highschool class was consist of a girl named Dessi, she a first grader but her english skill was kind a langging. But i adore her, she wants to learn and im so happy to help her. In this past few days this class had a new member named Opi, she is a elementary student with an 'fast-forward' english skill. 

Well, thats all i could say about my student. I heard that my job placement will be happen soon, well before that, i wish i could enjoy my time there with the student. Somehow i feel like i dont wanna quit. huhu

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