The Pinky Wedding

10:15:00 PM

December, 16th 2012

I went to Jakarta for my senior wedding that day. Its A Sandy (famously known as A kodok) and Ka Herina. A kodok was my senior in Taekwondo and lately he was also my senior in STAN. Yes, he continued his study in D3 Khusus STAN. Again, sometimes life is so cramped, Agree? hehe

Before attending the wedding, i went to JPC Kemang with Atang. My camera lens was a bit broken so i brought there for service. From JPC Kemang we went to PIM for some window shooping and late lunch. It feels like old time, like when we're still in college. 

After maghrib we went to the wedding, its all pink ! hahaha

Actually i was so surprise getting this wedding invitation, A Kodok didn't look like a person who will be married in this young age. But i guess, he found a girl whom he sure to life with in this lifetime. So happy for both of them, Ka Herina is so friendly and beautiful. I wish nothing but happiness for this newly wed. Sakinah Mawaddah and Warahmah yaaa :)

I met some Sukabumi-an there, mostly my taekwondo senior. And to my surprise, Atang met his senior too. After taking picture together, we left the building and went to Ryan's dorm. Mamih and Hesna was there. Ah what a night !

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