I-tutor Fifth Birthday

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January, 18th 2013

The place where im working right now had its fifth birthday that day. And this year we celebrated it in KFC Sukabumi. Yihaa Yihaaaa~

Azura :)
Alya hehe

Just like any other birthday party, we had cakes and candle to blown up, games, some songs and gifts. In short, we had fun ! Especially me, i was lost in candid time. Kids are soooo cute ! hihi

The MC

In this birthday party, I-tutor also introduced their new teacher (including me!) to all student and parents. There're three new teacher which is me, Miss Em and Miss Dinda. Welcome to the club they said hehehe

Ibu Sri, the owner of I-tutor Sukabumi

Miss Em

Miss Dinda

Since that time i still had no permanent class, so i didn't get the job to handle student in games. I just stand there with my camera and freeze the moment. Oh, i did laugh a lot because the games were so funny ! 


I didn't really had so much to tell because..well you know. Birthday party had some typical pattern. Right? hehehe Now its time for some yummy thing called cakes ! :*

Some children was so brave to stand in front of the other to sing or just to say happy birthday. In return, we gave them some snack. Such a fair trade isn't it? hehe

A new student usually get some orientation or hazing time, and it happen to me that day. As a new teacher Ibu Sri ordered me to play violin in front of that a lot people. Lucky me, A happy birthday song was quite easy but still...i was freaking out, so nervous and emm...ashamed. Because i have one student in I-tutor who is my senior in Violin Class. Now she knows how crummy im. Fufufufu~

Ibu Sri's first daughter
and this one the second daughter
oh baby baby its a wild world

After that we ate together. Handling a lot of children during a meal time was so tiring. But i really enjoyed it. I dont know why but watching their happy face makes me happy and envy. How worry-free they are...:')

Me and Miss Dilla

I-Tutor Teacher

I can say it for sure that I-tutor teachers are so narsis ! We took a lot of picture that day. hahahaha Since they're too shy to brought it home, I got so many balloons to take home that day. Another small thing to made my day. Ah, such a happy happy day. Happy Birthday I-Tutor ! :D

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