In a Wedding We Pose

11:17:00 PM

Forgot the date :(

Went to Gedung Juang to met Puput, Ganis and Egi in Teh Nouri's Wedding. She is Puput's sister by the way. hehe

I wear my new tweed Jacket by Yrumi. So lovely ! Worth the price. Hahaha *hiks*

After shaking hand with Teh Nouri, we ate as we chat about anything at all. Seeing a friend always bring a warmth in us, agree? After a while, Teh Nouri asked us to took a picture with her in Pelaminan. It was only one or two shoot and i haven't got the picture until today. Since we're a bit narsis, we continue the shoot...outside. Hahahaha

Its all taken by Egi's phone. I began to love android :3  Since we had something else to do, we left right after those narcism act. Hahaha

Happy wedding Teh Nouri ! Hope happiness be around you. And you guys, lets meet each other again extra soon ! :*

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