Green Breakfast

7:51:00 PM

December, 15th 2012

So the day before, my senior from STAN came to Sukabumi. Its Moehamad Hidayat or Moe or Ujuk. He's accompanied his boss who is Mr. Kuat to Selabintana for some business. Since it was so sudden and i had some plan to do, on the first day he was basically followed my activities. From Sukabumi Expo, picking up my brother and sister, until preparing my parent upcoming anniversary. After magrib we went to Sunda Rasa for dinner. Right after we finished eating, Mr Kuat invited us for dinner. Rrrr....lets say.. i had dinner twice that day. hahaha

Mr Kuat is our lecturer in STAN. Though he is a famous lecturer, i never had his class. Mostly he teach accounting specialty. So its the first time i met him. And he is nice. We're talking a lot about college, work and Sukabumi. It turns out that he is a big fan of bubur ayam bunut. haha


Selabintana - Sukabumi

I actually promised him to had a breakfast together. I was going to made him taste lontong sayur Lapang Merdeka. But, due to my late sleeping, i woke 10 am. I was so panick. Since i knew that lontong sayur would be sold out already, i asked Bibik to made fried rice.  And we had some green breakfast that day. hehe  

Since he stayed at Selabintana Hotel, why didnt we go around those green area? So i could show him a lil part of Sukabumi. Thats what i thought. When we get there, we met people from Pusdiklat Pajak who's having outbound there. Sometimes i feel world is so cramped. Well, i met so many senior there, i didn't really know them but Ka Dayat seems like having a reunion. hahaha

I left because after those late breakfast because i had somewhere to go. And Ka Dayat stayed until night because he and Mr Kuat join those Pusdiklat Pajak party night. 

Hope you enjoy those short trip in Sukabumi ! :")

Soem picture taken by Moehamad Hidayat

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