Odew in Snake Episode

8:25:00 PM

December, 15th 2012

My brother was joining a math olimpiad that day. I picked him up from the school that the test took place and it was so far. I even get lost. But Alhamdulillah, with the direction from his teacher i arrived right when the test finished. 

We talked a lot in the car. He seems nervous about the result and i told him that.... "if you already give your best, dont mind the result. Alhamdulillah if you win, but if you lose..its means that you had to try harder on the next chance. We were proud already to know that you were choosen to be the delegation from your school. " He seems understood my words. :')


I took him to Sukabumi Expo, to the reptile stand to be exact. And he looked like enjoying his time there. He even let the snake kiss him ! And that frog...rrrr, unlike me, he seems fine with it. ~~

examinating the tail

You know what my bother did? He dare me to touch the big snake ! Well lil brother, your sister isn't that coward. Remember this before you dare me again ahahaha

Finished with the reptile, he accompanied me to the taylor, to the pabric shop, to the taylor again, to hijabers stall for my upcoming wedding invitation. So nice and so patient. And he made my day when he said "I dont mind in the car with you for hours. Its fun" Awwww.....super hug for you,  the most handsome brother in the world ! hihihi

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