Their Sweet 25th Anniversary

9:58:00 AM

December, 20th 2012

I love surprise, especially the good and the happy one. 
Thats the only explaination why i always so excited to make a surprise for people. Prepare it step by step, arrange the scenario..all of it i do just to see their surprised yet happy face. Really worth the sweat. In other side, i also love being suprised. Quite fair huh?

And the victim of that day was.....My parents. hihihi

It need a whole week to made it happen. And I went out a lot because of it til my dad kinda annoyed. Well, imagine..i need to ordered the cupcakes, ordered the trophies, made the certificate and the sticker, bought the roses, ordered the painting, made sure it finished on time, collected letters from my bother and sisters, and the last, coordinated with the restaurant staff.

At night when everything was set up, my father who's annoyed at me kinda lazy to eat outside. It was soooo hard to finally make them agreed to go out. But when they did, all of a sudden the black out happen. Fuuuuh, Luckily me, it didn't last for too long.

So....when we're sat together waiting for the food to came, i asked the waiter to bring the cake and sing for us. And voilaaaa, my parent was so surprised ! hihihi But since there're an army event which was so unplanned. My father didn't felt so comfortable and asked us to go home. 

the first time they met each other
Back at home, they opened the present and read all the letters. So happy to watch their happy face. We keep laughing and thanks to the tripod and self timer, it could be documented. hihi

Twenty five years of marriage. In the world full of violence, craziness and cruelness, my parents are the reason why i believe in love. The reason why i believe that..two people could stay together in love, grow old together, build a happy family, raise their children and protect each other in everyway they could. 

I wont be able to think this positively about relationship if my parent didn't grow me that way. They dont speak love, they do love. Nothing teach better than a good role model, right? Aaah, im forever thankful for having a parents, a family like this. 

my borther handmade bouquet

So happy anniversary Mbu and Mpah. You two deserve each other. And as a child i could say proudly to the world that...Both of you are The Best Parents Ever ! And i love you... i love this family. :')

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