Pasta La-Rizh

1:24:00 PM

January, 25th 2013 

Had a lunch together with my sister, Salma. Actually it was to kill time before i taught and she went to her course. Since both of us hadn't taste a newly opened restaurant so we went there and gave it a try. hehehe

Pasta La-Rizh - Sukabumi

This pasta restaurant is quite small in size, still not comfortable enough. Maybe because its still new. But i do love the touch of so many wood there (like always) and i also love the music video that they played. It was update and quite eargasm. 

And here are what we ordered that time. I lost the bill so i couldn't write down the price, i'm sorry. But i can say that the price is quite cheap, except the yogurt.

Well, the taste was suited the price. Not so special, to my opinion. Even my sister said that i made a better spaghetti carbonara. Hihihihi so happy. :3  But i love the yogurt so much, delicious. 

If you interested, find them here. Oke, see you extra soon ! :)

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