Ginara Photoshoot

12:44:00 PM

January, 27th 2013  

Another photography job, yay !
Teh Gina asked me to took her latest collection Named House of Ginara. Apparently the model is my junior high school friend, she is a Mojang Sukabumi 2010 and had a passion in modeling. The photo shoot was exciting. Alhamdulillah, the model and the set made it easier for me to shoot.

And here are some of the picture..

Its from 10 am until 4 pm. With that many dresses, i could say that the photo shoot was fast and effective. I love how we worked that day. No time spent for nothing. :)

Anyway, that two lil children made my day even more interesting. They are cute, lovely and love to pose. haha Oh ya..the shoot took place at Teh Gina's house with a model named Annisa Fauzia

Anissa and Kevin, her boyfriend
I love watching Nisa and her boyfriend, i don't know why. But i really feel that Kevin is a nice, he accompany Nisa all day. Watching his girlfriend pose, sometimes he took some picture too. I he admire her. Sweet :)

i just love this picture

Ah, i love that day so much. The shoot went well and i love most of the result. What makes it even better wss....i got my first photography fee ! hihi And when i write this, Teh Gina said that all the clothes was already sold. Super yay ! hihi

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