Sudden Family Trip

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March, 2nd 2013

My father had some job on that weekend in Pelabuhan Ratu. Since we didn't wanna left behind, we asked him so we could go with him to Pelabuhan Ratu. We left after magrib and stayed in Hotel Sunset. On the way, i just realized that...i forgot my camera ! huhu

It such a waster because...the hotel was good. The view and the beach was clean and pretty. Some moment of us was also need a proper camera to capture it. Aaaah ~ This picture below taken by my handphone's camera. So, im sorry for the low quality. :')

My father finished the job in morning. After father, my mother, Ama and Odew played around the beach. But since i felt like not in the mood to be suntanned, i stayed in the hotel with Lala. Doing some milky bath. And it was....good. I mean, we really talked a lot. Not every time you can do a heart-to-heart conversation with your sister, right?

my new favorite drink !
Cisolok -Sukabumi

We left before 12 pm and went straight to Cisolok hot spring. We really are a crazy family, who else go to hot spring in the super hot mid day ? hehe

Rujak Bebek
We all swan there, except my dad. He is a watcher. Anything could bother him. And i need a long long time til i realized, he will feel comfort when he could make sure our safety by his own. So we just go along with it. 

Anyway, we tried the hot spring therapy. Basically, the process is we lay down or sit and let the therapies spray the hot spring all over our body. Its like being message by the hot spring. I forgot the exact price, but its around Rp25.000 - Rp35.000. Tips for me, you better considered using a full covered clothes when you try it. My sister used a short one and she said the water spray felt un-comfort in her skin. And never try to do it if you're easily feel dizzy with the smell of sulfur. My mom gave on the first five minutes because she felt dizzy. But for me, i enjoyed it. My body felt....fresher than before hehe

And rujak bebek felt extremely delicious after those therapy. For your information, rujak bebek contained no duck, its some pounded fruit. In Sunda we called pounded with Bebek. :)

Kampung Edukasi Sukawayana - Sukabumi
We continued our journey to..Kampung Edukasi Sukawayana. Its my dad who really wanna bring my brother here. But too bad the water was tide so...the traditional game couldn't be played. We talked with the guard, and he said, we went there too late. Couple days ago, they just harvest the dragon fruit. Hwaaaah :(

We visited a small gallery in that area named Dewi Kadita Gallery. Mostly they sell Nyi Roro Kidul paintings. You know, in Southern Beach she was so famous. ~

Beach time !!!
I didn't plan on being wet but the wave hit me and i had nothing to do but enjoy it. Haha  The beach was so empty. Felt like we own the place. We're so free to do anything, happy happy yay !

I watched my brother's crab hunt. He was so excited. Running all over the place to caught it. When he finally did, he was kindly to release it. Good brother :)

My sisters took so many picture in Ipad. Basically, its all they did in the beach, You know...teenagers. (somehow i feel old). Huhu~

When it was almost maghrib, we left this place and headed to Mesjid Agung Pelabuhan Ratu. We skipped our dinner because some of us already sleep so tight in the car. Looking to what we've been through, its not weird if we're tired. hehe

they were naked and swam ! wow~
Though we left the camera and though its just a day vacation. I-we really enjoyed it. Looking forward for another family trip. Yay !

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keluarga yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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