Rindy and Dedi's Prewedding Picture

11:21:00 AM

February, 9th 2013
Soooooo...my brother, A Sandra asked me along with Atang to made a photography team named Dua5 Photography. And that day we had our first pre-wedding picture ever  ! hihihi

A Sandra

The location took place at BBPAT Sukabumi, started from around 9 am until 2 pm. Lucky us, the weather was so perfect. Not so shiny and also not rainy. What made us even exciting was..the couple brought so many properties and there're some people who kindly to help us. Three person is not enough...really. :D

Teh Mala

Teh Mala and her friend

Teh Wida

The official picture from Dua5 Photography wasn't published yet, this that i share is the picture that me and Atang took. To make it easier to identify, i write (A) in the bottom of picture taken by Atang. By the way, he was late to came because he drove all the way from Cibinong. So only took a few picture. For information,   this picture edited by me using im-lucky-button in Picassa. Hahahaha I really need to learn editing. Okay, enough the babbling, here are the pictures i love.  

if i were them, i would use this for facebook cover ! haha





By the way, since i got the detail part, i was using 50mm F/1.8 Canon Lens.Well again, its only the picture i love. For the official picture, you can check in the Dua5 Photography soon. Would be my-our pleasure if you like the page and take a look at our picture. :)

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