Partie SMANTIE 2013

6:10:00 PM

February, 12th 2013

Roro, Ilda, Eggy, me, Ganis and Dicky
Every year, my high school held an event called Partie (Pentas Aksi Siswa SMA 3 Sukabumi). Its a closing for a month full of so many event from competition, art performance etc which is named GSC (Gebyar Smanti Cup). Since this year i stayed at Sukabumi, i was available to experience this event again. With a free ticket from Ilda, i went there with Eggy, Roro and Ganis.

To my surprise i met so many friend there. I saw Dicky, Arul, Eka, Serli and many more who i cant mention one by one. The guess star was RAN. I remember i once saw this RAN performance with Geng Bibik and it was raining. Guess what? that night was raining too. Perhaps RAN had something to do with rain? hehehe

Its just a very very crazy night. Meeting high school mate could bring out the crazy in you. I didn't know how many laugh i made that night. I was just...very happy and fely like teenager again hahahaha . :D

We actually took so many picture that night, but its at Ganis's camera and i haven't seen her til i write this. So, its the only picture i had. Perhaps someday i'll update this post. By the way, high school student now days had ticker make up than us 20-ers. Wow ! I prefer not to mind it why. 

Well well, i miss you guys !! cups :*

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