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February, 27th 2013

Reggy, Raisha and Rengganis...
We've been a best friend since we're junior high school. And thanks to our family, we knew that we're related. Far, far away relative but still considered as a family, specially when they know that their children close to each other. Anyway, that's what happen when you lived in small city. hehe 

Back then, we used to celebrate our-each birthday together. But since we're graduated and i moved to Bintaro, this three years we celebrated it from afar. This year...all of us were in Sukabumi, so i asked them out for a dinner. Though we live in Sukabumi, our activity made it hard to meet each other. This was special then...hihi

Like always, met this two crazy creature brings out the very crazy side of me. We talked a lot, laugh a lot, did so many weird move and for sure took so many picture. In the middle of it, of all a sudden some waiters came, brought a cake and sang a happy birthday song. I though it was for somebody else, but they keep walking right to me. Oalaaah, i had a surprise ! :3

Another surprise. They put a magic candle for the cake, made it so hard for me to blown it. God, i made everyone watching because i keep on blowing it. huhu~

Anyway, i really thank them for the sweet surprise they did. Made my day :))

Finished eating we went home again. Some of us still need somewhere to go. Aaaaaah, really miss you guys! Writing this post makes me want to turn back time. Those old good time is so precious, right?

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