Dinner with I-Tutor

5:06:00 PM

February, 23th 2013

My English Course held a dinner together with 5 longest student plus their family. Bu Sri, the owner said this event needed to appreciate the parent who has entrust their children to us and also, it needed to hear their feedback. And my job for that night was..to keep the conversation going. Good girl Raisha was on action! haha

It was held in d'cost, Mayofield Mall. It planned to started at 5 pm, but some parent could make it after maghrib. I didn't took much photos because like i said before, i was busy chatting ! hehe

We though that the whole family of them would come, thats why we ordered a lot. But it turns out that, mostly one children only brought two people. Woow, need extra effort to ate it all hahaha 

Well, the dinner run well, the parent were so friendly and cheerful. A grandmother of one children even made us laugh a lot ! Happy happy night. Cheers :D

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