About My Birthday..

9:33:00 PM

Yes, I became 22 years old that day. Somehow, the number feels too much and i felt old. huhuhu Anyway, here is the story of my birthday. :)

I woke up in the morning with a surprise cake and song. My family got me ! I never never never thought that they would do that. I mean, of all my birthday...they never did something like this before. So, i was in total surprise. 

My mom hold me and whispered some prayer in my ear. I was overwhelmed and really hold my self not to cry. I love you, Mom. Your hold is the best birthday gift for me. :')

I got so many greeting all day and night. Thank you and Ammiimn. I send the same prayer to you for every prayer you gave me. Amin amiiinn :)

from Rizka my dear
I had a class that day and here comes another surprise. Just before i started the class, someone knocked the door. I opened it and saw another teacher sing me happy birthday. Ah you guys :3 They gave me a huge present. When i opened it, it contained so many snack. This picture below taken when we already ate half of it. Hihihi

When i got home, i received a present with no sender name. Lucky me that i remember to asked the resi, so i knew the sender. Its from Rijal and its a book. Thank you so much. I haven't finished the book yet, but i could say that i like it. :)

Geng Bibik sent me some greeting and prayer too. Even, they changed their display picture and avatar with the picture below. Uugghh, they picked my worst expression ! lol :p

My mom insisted to go to my other house in Sukaraja. Said that we will had a big family dinner. Thats why,  after maghrib we got ready and went there. So many people was already there when we arrived, from my grandma, aunties, uncles, nephew and niece. Its just a simple dinner, nasi liwet and ikan bakar. But the feeling of family gathering made it special. :')

Suddenly Atang called me and asked me to go outside. Guess what? He was there ! Standing under the rain with his naughty smile. Its not my fault if i was so shocked. I mean, my birthday is on Monday and i know that he worked that day. But the fact that he made it to come to my house really wow me. It turned out that he cooperated with my sisters. Okay guys, you succeed to made my day. :")

from Geng Bibik
He was all wet. That's why after some salam with my family, I let him changed his clothes first. Right after he changed and the food was ready, my phone rang. Its a teleconference call from Geng Bibik. When they said some prayer about me and Atang, i told them to say it directly to him. Hahahaha They were all shock ! But after that, they got me by spreading the rumor that I've proposed. Ck..ck.. 

Two days after it, a present from them arrived. Its a dress and an outer. Really love it, thank you ! Cups :* hihi 

Well, not only their present that arrived in that particular time, i got a present from the past. Its a greeting card from Fira, Dul, Tayu, Utty and Yon, some muffins and a flower. Thank you for the greeting and everything. 

Introducing Ted. Welcome to the club ! hehe
Ah, such a happy day. Thank God for every single thing in my life. Hope this happiness last. Amiiin :')

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