Yrumi Photoshoot

10:39:00 PM

November, 24th 2012

"You'll never know what happen to you when you helped someone" those line really happen to me most of time. And apparently it happen to A Sandra too. He helped us to took some picture in our Hijab Class, and in return he got his first photography job there ! 

Teh Yuli which was a member of Hijabers Sukabumi is the owner of a clothing line name Yrumi. When she look at the picture taken by A Sandra, she offer him to took pictures of her newest collection. Yay yay !

A Sandra asked me to accompanied him and to be a subtitution if anything unplanned happen. So as you see above, i was just taking picture from aside and what happen around. I was in happy mood taking Teh Yuli's sister picture when Teh Yuli asked me to be a model instead. And i was like... "Me? A model?"

So, one of Teh Yuli's model wasn't coming. And i told you, taking a clothes picture with one model is a waste of time. We have to wait the model changing clothes over and over again to shoot. It will be a problem if you only had one day shoot. Perhaps thats why she asked me to became the second model. After a shock, my head keep telling me "Take it, Raisha. Its another first experience !" . So, i said yes, and Teh Yuli started to put some make up in my face. 

Though at first (and until the very end) my pose was still rigid, i began to like the process. Tiring but i felt excited. hihihi

By the way, here are some random picture i love..

Another model named Teh Anne, she is Teh Yuli's sister. And all hail her ! She so nice and pretty. Its nice to be around her. :)

And here are the fix picture for Yrumi lookbook.. Please enjoy my stiff pose..hahaha

If you interestied in this line, you may visit the web , facebook, or the reseller 1 and 2 . And if you interested in the picture, you may visit Dua5 Photography . We are happy to hear from you :))

During the photoshoot, i saw one batwing outer which really catched my attention. And you know what todays' best part beside that new experience? The Yuli gave me those batwing outer. Yippy ! So Happy ! hihihihihi

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