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January, 12th 2013

I've been told about this event since last year. Its Teh Yuli, she offer me join a fashion show wearing her clothes, using her make up. I was already said yes, but the event delayed until this january. Unfortunately for me, on January teh Yuli was already in Bandung so she couldn't do the make up, and her new clothes wasn't finished. But since i was in a first-time-freak mood, i said to my self that show must go on.

Another surprise. It wasn't a fashion show anymore.. its a competition. Okay okay...me? in a model competition? who ever though it would be? hahahaha

This event took place at Yogya Dept Store third floor. In the end, i wore my own clothes and got the make up from Teh Egi, my mother's staff. The make up was too thick til my face was kinda weird. huhu~ Anyway, A Sandra and Teh Wida accompanied me that day. So happy that i wasn't alone and had someone took my picture that day. :)

The competition held for three categories, kids, teenager and adult. Of course i compete in teenager, if you dare enough to ask. Hmmh... kids categories was the first. Look at them, they were so cute ! hihihi

After that...teenagers time. I was nervous about my walk. I mean, i only learn how to walk in runaway a day before ! One day learning didn't really improved my skill of course. I just keep on reminding my self that.."im a panggung-ers in panitia wisuda, its the same, its the same" fufufu~

When my name called, i was so nervous but when i was in stage.. i didn't really think of anything. I just walk, try so smile, pose, walk again, pose...and its over. I felt like i was already smiled a lot but when i saw the picture, mostly i put some cold face. zzzz~

I should've shown my teeth, so i looked like really smiling. huhuhu
Anyway, i walked too fast and didn't pose a lot. Okay, be kind to me. Its my first time, remember? hehehe

Seeing this adult, well...most of them was an young mom. I just...well, lets say i'm speechless. I don't know what to say about this.

While the jury discuss about the winner, i took some picture with other contestant. I found my friend in taekwondo ! She said that she already did this several time. Okay...from taekwondo to modeling. People changes, isn't?

Teh Wida
with my taekwondo friend, Teh Dea

A Sandra and me
with teh Wida

There's a performance from a lil singer. Cant stand the cuteness, duh! By the way, my sisters came after she finished school. Its so nice to have someone came for seeing you. Thank you La, a very sweet of you :)

The winners
teenager winner

Of course i didn't win, i still need so many things to learn in this modeling stuff. Did i sad? No. Having something to learn and a new thing to do was already made me happy. I mean, the moment i walk to stage i was already win, from my fear.

Better watch Fashion TV more often from now on :p

Picture taken by Sandra and Wida, Dua5Photography 

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