End of Toothache

1:08:00 PM

December, 6th 2012

Some moment ago i had a mouth surgery. my last molar appear to grow horizonal-ly. So instead to grow up, this teeth grow aside and push other teeth. I've suffer the toothache long a long time, but i just had a courage to face the surgery on this long holiday. 

Since the doctor need to took of two tooth, the surgery used a general anesthesia not local one. I should be thankful cause i barely feel anything but fear. My Dad documenting the moment i was out from the surgery room and i look like some violence victim. Errr -______-

my meal on day 3

I sleep a lot on day 1 and 2 the pain killer and the anesthesia really made me bedrest. No meal for me, just milk. I can't opened my mouth, felt like they stitch my whole mouth instead of some of my gum. Couldn't talk, couldn't move..if my family and my friend didn't around, i probably bored to hell. hahaha

I didn't really told everyone about my surgery, thats why i really appreciate to those who came, really made my day. I was in hospital about four days. At home when there's no infusion, i felt really down to the ground. I hate hospital, but that time i really wish i could go back there. I was starving but couldn't opened my mouth, so sick but the pain killer felt like didn't working. That was the time when i really think how lucky me to be able to eat everything i want before. So i just cried and prayed for my mouth to get better soon.

God hear me, like Always. Now that my mouth is back to normal, i really want to appreciate it with eating a lot ! hahahahaha :3

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