Lokatmala Day

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December, 27th 2012

Well, call me first-timer freak. On this so called long holiday, i tried almost anything i could. Read my previous post, you may say that my life looks like in random mode. But i enjoy it so much, like i fulfilled so many pending wishes i made in this three years. hehehe 

So i made some new friend in Sukabumi. Its all begin when i attend the same seminar with the admin of @Sukabumitoday. Then i joined Sukabumi Hijabers, Blog and Photography community. Lately i frequenly hang out in a place named @seecul, a hip coffee shop. So many people with so many background gather there, and by that..i know so many person. 

Now my timeline began to filled with so information about Sukabumi and it so helpfull. And...as the example, i really want to learn traditional dance, and when i was reading my timeline, i read that there's a new community called @TarianLokatmala that will held their second meeting in Indosat Building. I was like.... Oh life, what a coincidence ! 

Then i text Teh Syifa, asking whether she wanted go there too, and lucky me..she said yes ! At least i had someone to talk to when we dance. hahaha

When i get there and saw the community member, i suddenly felt....old. they are mostly junior high school and for God sake, they are already good. Even the instructor was a third grade of junior high. Ah. Ah. Ah. 

I learn to dance Ringkang Mojang that day, the easiest and simplest one according to them. But blame my stiff body, it still hard for me. fufufu~ By the way, if you curious about the dance, you may click here.

I talked with Teh Fonnam the founder of this community about me feeling late and old. She encourage us (me and Teh Syifa) to not giving up on learning. But later my teaching time clashed with this. I've contact the instuctor for some privat class, but now that she's facing the national exam, she cant make it. Well, maybe its not the right time. Later..later..

Sukabumi from above

Oh, since the class took place at the third floor of Indosat Building, we can see Sukabumi from above. And with the perfect weather i might say that...the afternoon Sukabumi is beautiful. Agree people? hihi :*

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