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January, 6th 2013 

After so many unrealized plan, finally i met this two gorgeous girls that day. I travel from Sukabumi all the way to STAN for this lovely meeting. But since my phone was off, i told Rizka that i'd be waiting in STAN fountain, but i'd be a lil late cause i was going to salat first in An Nasr Mosque. In short, STAN Fountain was our meeting point.

After salat i went to the fountain and saw none of them. Since my phone was already off, i went around wishing i met someone i know so i could borrow his/her phone to contact them. But i found no one, so sad because i used to met so many friend here. :( Then i went to Kalimongso to find a cellular stall and text them about my position.

Back to the fountain. After several minutes, Cipe came and soon we knew that Rizka waiting in An Nasr Mosque. Such a miss-communication hahaha 

And yay, we're finally made it. The three of us together, yay yay yay !! hihi

After some hug and some where-to-go-question, we ended up Blenger Burger. I was so hungry so i ate it all. Hope they didn't so surprise seeing my eating speed :p

Finished eating, we went to a mosque in Sektor 1 to salat magrib and isya. Hahaha Cipe even said that our saturday night was so syar'i. hehe

After that we went to Mc Donald for further talk. We talk about so many thing, from our present love life, the past, college, yaaa...anything at all. And it was so good to talk to them. Before this, we only chat in social media, never talk directly like this. Oh yaa...the three of us are a blogger. I used to kepo-ing them from it. hahaha Easy Kaica, im still an amateur stalker until now. hahaha

Yes, we took so many picture that night. Hahahaha
Arrrgghhhttt...a night wasn't enough for us to talk. Still so much to share, so much thing to do. But its already 11 o'clock. Time to say good bye. Lucky for us, Cipe was so kind to drove me and Rizka to our friend's dorm. Hihihi Thank you Katya :))

And to my surprise, Rizka gave me brooches and a ring. Nobody gave a ring before, kaa. So thank you so much. Cupcupcup  :')

Oh well...for Rizka and Chintya. Lets meet again soon ! I MISS THE BOTH OF YOUU~~

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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