Gandhis Photoshoot

1:00:00 PM

January, 16th 2013 

One of my friend in HIjabers Sukabumi, Teh Meri, is the owner of hijab line named Gandhis. That day she asked me to took her brand new collection called Gandhis Exclusive Series.  

The shoot took place at Secapa Polri since the other model, beside the owner, is a Doctor in that Secapa Hospital. The shoot start from 10 am and finished at 5 pm. It was sooo long and ineffective. It was a weekday and the doctor was working. So whenever she had a patient we rushed back to the hospital and wait until she finished. 

You know the feeling when you have done so much and so long but didn't satisfy you? I really feel it that day. The veil had some sheer pattern and it was so hard for me to take a picture where the model and the veil both looked okay. Nggghh :(

By the way..those are the pictures..

Perhaps, indoor shoot would be better for this. Aaaah, i want to buy a flash ! Fufufufuu~

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