Two Days as a Fake Chef

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November, 26th 2012

I dont know why i really stick to my life plan which i made in KSPK subject last year. One by one, i struggle to make it happen. Like this one. I said that i wanna be able to cook thats why i learn during this free time. Dont imagine too much, its only some simple dish, but still i made a progress hahaha

Luckily, my father office made some kind of Cooking Class for restaurant chef in Sukabumi. Since some of them couldn't make it, my father told me to took their seat hahaha, here comes Chef Raisha ! #PLAK!

my handsome father

This event held in Saung Geulis, Kadudampit-Sukabumi for two days. Every participant got a room for they  to sleep. But i didn't used it, home is way better than any hotelroom for me. hehehe

mom, chef and me
The speaker for day 1 was Chef Nur Komariah, she is also a lecturer in Enhaii or Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung. She told us some history of Indonesia dish. From variety of sambal, the signature food of every place, until how to cook in clean and healthy way. I made some notes but i lost the book. huhu :(

Saung Geulis - Sukabumi

The next day was the cooking day. We got a different chef, this one was a man. I forgot the name but he is the leader of Indonesian Community Chef. He gave us a hand out which consist of three recipe. He didn't give a name for the dish. So that we could named it by our self. So for me, its a Ayam Bumbu Ijo, Roti Goreng isi Apel and Sop Santan. hehe I didn't really creative ya? :3

the ingridient

The people was nice. But whenever they ask "whats your restaurant?" i always awkwardly answer "No, im not a chef, im just a girl who try to learn cooking" hahaha *ashamed*

Ayam Bumbu Ijo
Roti Goreng isi Apel
Sop Santan

After dzuhur this event was officially finished. I was so happy to join this event, i met so many chef who is so friendly and kind. One of them even ask me to come to their restaurant and watch them cook. Haha I met some of them in other occasion and they still recognize me. Cool~ 

my beautiful mom
By the way, i've tried to make Roti Goreng isi Apel at home. And it was delicious. Yay ! Next time i'll try another recipe ! *fighting mode*

Okay, i'll see you soon, 

Fake Chef Raisha.

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