Teh Ulil's Wedding

10:55:00 AM

December, 30th 2012

One of my Hijabers friend which is Teh Yuli or Teh Ulil got married that day. Me and the other two hijabers, Teh Siti and Widya became the bridesmaid. And it was such a joy to be part of her big day. :")

she's so pretty, isn't?

I've been there since 5 am for make up things. But like always, bride and bridesmaid has a different make up room. So i finally met Teh Ulil right before ijab kabul. And for God Sake, she was sooooooo beautiful ! 

Teh Siti, Teh Ulil, Widya and me
The bridesmaid

The wedding was beautiful, not too crowded was a plus plus point. By the way, i only took several picture because of course i had things to do as a pager ayu. hehe

And watching ijab kabul always bring me in creep. Such a holy promise, indeed. And look at those newly wed. I just like it hihi

So sweet, right? :3
Well, for you who just became one. I hope both of you stay in love and grow old together in peace and happiness. Sakinah Mawaddah and Warrahmah yaaa hihi

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