Hijabers in Sukabumi Expo

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December, 13th - 18th 2012

There're any annual event calles Sukabumi Expo every year in Lapang Merdeka Sukabumi. Its like an big exhibition to show business and communities in Sukabumi. And for this year, Hijabers Sukabumi got a free stand from Dinas Koperasi, Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Kota Sukabumi with one condition, some profit will be given for charity. So, we collect some business owner in our community and make a cute lil stand together. :)

Opening Day

Hijabers Sukabumi in Batik
Government visit
Walikota Sukabumi
The exhibition held for five days. Just like the other, i also put my hijab line on sale that time. And Alhamdulillah , sold a lot hihihi

look at my cheek, the surgery left some bruise

beautiful snake :)
From five day of exhibiton, i spent 3 days to hang out there. If the stand weren't crowded we went around to   visit other stand. Oh ya, the exhibiton split in two, outside and inside stand. We got the inside, so we're safe even in hard rain, but something the stand felt so hot on day time. Need more air conditiner~

Teh Anin, Teh Uji and Teh Lyna
me, teh Lyna and Teh Siti
Inside stall consist of so many business stall. From batik, food, accessories, painting, clothes, etc. While outside stall consist of so many communities and well known brand. We found Reptile Community, we chat with the founder who's also the owner of Odeon reptile. They showed us some of reptile but only one which really took my attention...the orange snack ! Isn't so beautiful?

And yes, i know. I looked so chubby. Blame the surgery, my cheek was puffy because of it. No matter how starving i was, (it was hard for me to even ate porridge!) but people keep saying that i gained a lot. Ah, cheek~

Lubang Jarum Community

I also visited the stand of Lubang Jarum Community. They made a camera from things around us, can, box, etc. Cool isn't it? The people was so friendly, they explained how the camera works and they showed us the some result. :)

Band Performance
Make Up Tutorial from Wardah Cosmetic
Hijab Tutorial by Hijabers Sukabumi

Of all a sudden some women from Wardah Cosmetic visited us. They offer us to shared a stage. They were scheduled to perform make up tutorial, and they offer us to continued it with hijab tutorial. So we prepared some simple hijab style and make it happen. Hahaha Speaking in front of many people somehow makes me speak so fast. zzz...

Nasyid Performance

On the next day, another surprise came. The Exhibition committee came and told us at we were scheduled to gave hijab tutorial again. And we're like...what???

Another sudden preparation and guess what? I became the model. Ah..it felt ridiculous to appear in public with only ciput ninja. ~~

another hijab tutorial from Hijabers Sukabumi

like a princess huwahahaha

On the last day, our stand was sooooooo crowded. It even hard to moved. We met a lot of muslimah Sukabumi and they say the will join us, yay !

painting stand

last day

I can say that our stand was succeed. We sold a lot, Alhamdulillah. It means more charity too, remember? Hope next year we will get a stand again, amiiiiin. :)

Some picture taken by Moehamad Hidayat

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