The Wedding of Lingga and Mustafa

12:09:00 PM

August, 18th 2013

Its the day !
Another sorry for the raw editing, sometimes i can be veeeeeeeeery lazy. hehehe

I get a love-hate relationship with this wedding. I love it since i like the bride and the groom, also the family were so nice to us. I hate it cause the make up artist yelled at us while we took pictures and presenting a very bad work attitude. I shoot from a far yet she said that i disturb her? From so many wedding i shoot, only that time i found a make up artist who forbid people taking picture of the bride thought the bride want it to. Hazzz.. everytime i remember this i get this uneasy feeling toward her. -___-

Anyway, happy wedding Teh Lingga and A Mustafa. Wish you nothing but the very best of your life ahead :)

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