PPG - Situgunung Episode

4:26:00 PM

August, 29th 2013
(Warning : This post contain lots of photos.)

Good day sun shine !
The weather changed as we arrived at Situgunung. Its bright, perfect for us enjoying our time there. Anyway, the camera is taken by the boys so..we're happily pose everytime ! hahaha


i guess the cameraman is a bit mean to Rizka :p

Situgunung - Sukabumi

Rizka face....duh :D

Rizka the princess

the power puff girl haha

Got no much to tell since the photos already told everything we did and felt. God, im so in love with the moment and the pictures.  I keep some picture unposted, and everytime i see it. I feel that...we're so happy back then. I wish happiness always be around us ya Katya Kaica..

Even the darkest night will be a bright morning. And when the night seems so long, just remember..you're never alone. We'll here. Always here. 


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