Annual GTZ Reunion

3:39:00 PM

August, 4th 2013

So, on junior high school i had class who called their self as GTZ. Please dont ask me that is GTZ? Just leave it there to make it seems cooler hahaha And, we always gather every year on Ramadhan at our homeroom teacher's house. 

Sadly, this year so many people who couldn't make it due to their final test. So its like only 17 of us who came and another sadly moment was....none of us brought camera ! Hiks~~

But, those two things didn't make us less happy. Seeing old friend always bring some certain feeling who make us warm, happy and.........YOUNG ! HAHAHAHA

Cant wait to see soon guys ! Got so many things to share and i guess i'll listen a lot from you all too ! :*

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keluarga yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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