Sukabumi Peduli Ramadhan

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July, 28th 2013

Ramadhan is coming ! Alhamdulillah. But now, let me tell you what i was doing on my Ramadhan last year/ Hahaha So late i know :p


So, it all begin from a sudden breakfasting together between me, Teh Uji, Yudha, A Wega, Teh Ilmi and Kang Geri. From the light talk we had in mind that we wanted to make a charity event. At first, it was nothing big. But with a help from Kang Geri as the Owner of @Sukabumitoday, A Wega who own Garuda Ramen and Teh Uji who knows like everyone in Sukabumi, it turns out to be....BIG.

It took only a week for us to collect even more than we expected. Alhamdulillah people are kind. So, to distributed the charity, we split it to four places. The previous photo is when we drop the charity to the even of Kaskuser Sukabumi in an orphanage on Jalan Pemuda.



The second place was at Jalan Pelabuan II, another orphanage. This one even smaller than the one before. As you see above, the condition...well, you can contact me if you want to help. One plus thing that i learn from this place is this.

For the third place, we went to played with some grannies. The place is at Nanggeleng, near SMPN 6 Sukabumi. You know what? No one took care of them, basically they took care of each other. I really dont wanna judge the family, but is it kinda sad to look how they spent their golden age?



But any mean, they were so funny and friendly. Been There several time and always had a good time. Its easy to make them happy, just be there and hear them telling you story. People said human become a child again as they grow old, its true. So true. And what kids want more than attention?



Took some selfie first ahahaha

The last place is an orphanage in Jalan Brawijaya. Well organized, i bet the children is in the good hand. 


The event went very well, Alhamdulillah. We really thankful for people to trust us with their money or goods. Right before magrib we went to Mamih Ungu to had a breakfasting together.

Whats the benefit of this event?
Of course, it teach us to share and to be more thankful. But it also connect us with so many people, who tend to have the same idea, people who you'd love to hang out with, people who set your foot on earth again by reminding you that life is never about money.

So another thank you i sent for Kang Geri, A Wega, Teh Ilmi, Yudha, Teh Ujie, Teh Syifa, Teh Ira, Teh Capa, Eka, Titi, Novan and many many more who icant mention. May Allah always be with you. 

Anyway, im going to make this again. Feel free to contact me if you interested to participate :)))

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