Teh Ujiew's Prewedding.

12:21:00 PM

August, 21st 2013

So i met her when i joined HIjabers Sukabumi. It turns out that we already knew each other online. She is the owner of Bumi Geulis Hijab, back then she was a Jenderal Ma Icih, now she expand her business into papercraft. For what im saying,. she has a very huge deal of business in her blood ! She even gave up her job in a bank for her business. I really, really salute her for being so brave living a life that she wants.

Anyway, she trust me-us for her prewedding picture. While her wedding picture handed to IDoWeDo Photography. Its like...really? Us compare to them? o_o

I can feel the pressure right here. Hahaha But, as always. Taking a photo for wedding is always fun since well..they're in a happy happy mood. Especially that, i was taking my friend's prewedding picture ! Even better, in a place where i suggest, its at a waterpark actually. Hahaha

Hope you enjoy her (raw) prewedding picture :3



Right when i write this, Teh Ujiew is happily married and pregnant. It always make me go in thinking mode when one of my client is pregnant or having their baby already, well...i happen to see their life changing. And its like...life is awesome. Really.

And, watching this makes me....

happy :")

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