Pisang Molen M.AA

11:01:00 PM

June,  23th 2012

On our way to Kawah Putih, Edwin showed us his favorite molen seller. He said this is the best molen in Bandung. So we went there to prove it. hehe

Pisang Molen M.AA - Bandung

Its a small stall aside the road. Everything feels like old day, look at the maker! On one glance i knew the molen will taste good. hahaha

Each delicious molen cost Rp500,00. Since the molen is salable, you'll get freshly from the stove molen everytime you buy it, that make its even more delicious ! Hihi

Prove it your self, the address is shown clearly on the picture above. The molen is gooooooood~

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