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June, 24th 2012

Blame Urri to make so curious with his place. She said if i love cakes, i gotta try this place called Sugarush. So accompanied by Opick, i went to this place after visiting Gua Pakar. Lets give time to some sweet :D 

Sugarush - Bandung

The shop took place at Braga Street. So, after finished taking picture at Braga, visiting this place would be a fine choice. Who dare to ignore yummy cake? hihi

The first thing we see after we came in was this cute cakes ! It was simply put in the left side near the door. So even the pedestrian could see. Such a good marketing idea. hehe

feels like bakery life in facebook hehe

Well, to simplify the post, one sentence could explain how i felt about the decoration of this place..I'm Loving it ! Its unique, its well decorated and its comfy. How could i'm not loving it? hihi

We ordered red velvet and rainbow cake, it was hit back then, hehe. Each costed Rp20.000,00. The service is quite fast and friendly. So i know that this place is not only served cake, they also serve food from western food, Chinese food and Indonesian food. Its a bit expensive but my friend said its delicious. Too bad i didn't try it. :(

Red velvet and Rainbow cake by Sugarush

Well..the cake is amazing !
Im so in love with the taste. It delicious, its so soft, yummy and not too sweet. The portion was quite big. Even me and Opick felt its too much though we haven't had our dinner yet. So brace your stomach when you get here ! hehe

Talking about the future is always interesting yet painful. We never know where our life lead to. But sometimes..having a friend and great cake could calm us. So thank you for the day Bang Dora. I adore your humbleness and modesty. Good luck with the plan. Invite me sometimes for some liwet. Okaaay? ;)

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