Says Rumah Ice Cream

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July, 3rd 2012

Time to visit KPP Pratama Bandung Karees ! hehe

After office, me and Gede went to Karees to pick up Mamih, Opik and a friend which im sorry to forgotten his name, to had an ice cream time together.

It was such a beautiful night. Full moon ! :D

Mamih took us to Says Rumah Ice Cream which is located at Jalan Purwakarta No.135 Bandung. It such a long and cold morning. Crazy how we still ordered ice cream that night hahaha

Says Rumah Ice Cream - Bandung

The place is really feels like home, like the name. Its quite, homey, and really built in the owner's yard. I just love the warm ambiance from the lack of lighting and the wood. Contrast with the cold we felt from eating ice cream. 

Here's some snap shoot of the place..

Anyway, i just love hanging around this Bandung person. They're so friendly and humble. Kind of person you'd love to be best friend with. :')

Opik, ... , and Gede

Mamih ! hihi

That night we ordered Brownies Ice Cream for Rp12.000,00 , Blueberry Cake Ice Cream for Rp13.000,00 , Banana Split Ice Cream for Rp 13.000,00 , Banana Crispy Ice cream for Rp14.000,00 and Spaghetti Bolognese for Rp13.000,00. 

Spaghetti Bolognese by Says Rumah Ice Cream Bandung

Ice cream at Says Rumah Ice Cream - Bandung

This is a home made ice cream but the taste is quite delicious. I just thought they were taking too long on preparing the ice cream. Let the customer waiting is never a good thing, right? hehe

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