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July, 8th 2012

Back to Bandung yaaaay !
I went to there for some Bandung fieldwork practice-er photostudio and for some forgotten laundry. haha

Finished taking picture, me, Mamay and Gede went to Hummingbird for some sweets. Oh, i met so many bandung-ers which i never seen before on this photoshoot. Sometimes i question my self, where're have you been for not knowing this people? zzzz.. I also met Gustian, he gave us some risoles which we ate awkwardly.

Hummingbird - Bandung

It located at Jalan Progo 14 Bandung, near Jonas Photostudio. We went there because...Mamay found this place in an auditors report. She said it has a good place and she also hears it serving a nice cake. So here we go . hehe

cake rack 

Yeap, she's right. This place is so well decorated. I love how they arranged the bar, and how they using so much wood in the room. Geez..why am i so in love with this wood-thing? 

This place is lovely. Perfect for hang out with friend, lovely time with couple, or family time..they provide a mini playground on the back. So lets say children will keep busy and have no time for crying. ahaha

Anyway, this place serve not only cake. They also served so many food and drink. You may check it yourself  here. Since i want to compare the taste with Sugarush so i ordered the same menu. Rainbow Cake. While Mamay, thank God, ordered Red Velvet. Perfect.

Mamay :*

Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet by Hummingbird

Georgeous Orange by Hummingbird 

Ice Tea by Hummingbird

To my opinion, the cake taste better at Sugarush. Both rainbow cake and red velvet's cheese cream didn't taste enough cheesy. And there's something about the cake that makes us couldn't eat a lot. Something flavor? Im not so sure what it is. :(

Anyway, the cake both cost Rp27.500,00 each, gorgeous orange Rp15.000,00 and Ice tea Rp11.500,00. Its actually good, but..if i have to choose, i"ll chose Sugarush on the first place. 

Okay, enough for the review. hehe bye now~

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