A day with Sahabat Bumi

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July, 31th 2012

Its started from the six of us. In the dorm. Some light chatter. Talking about sharing with the less fortune. Do you believe that God will easier the way whenever we did something for good purpose ? It happen to us.

This small idea grow into something big. So many people joined us and lots of donation was collected. I was so surprise of how this turning into. A week of preparation, from buying thing, ordered food, making the ta'jil.. we're so enjoying every moment of it. Alhamdulillah. :)

So the day has come. After all of us came to the place of Sahabat Bumi. We're so amazed how a huge residential could be side by side with this pickers's-so-called-house. Irony how the high wall separated a very contrast life.

Sahabat Bumi is exist because of the kind heart of Kak Osin. She's a teacher, her house which we visited is near the pickers's houses. She gathers the children, give them food, house and education. She's not someone wealthy but she cares. She doesn't want this children begging on the street, she wants a better future for them and fight for it. For that, i'm forever adoring her.

Ka Osin

First thing we did after we arrived was get to know this children. We introduce our self and Ka Osin kindly greeted us. After that we divided them into some groups to play the games we prepared. So exited ! :)

Reza and the crying boy :)

The games was fun ! This children was so enthusiastic and great. We played so many games from collecting money, kereta api and puzzle until minutes before Magrib. I got two girls in my group that wont get away from, i hardly speak or taking picture with my friend cause they didn't let me. Spoiled girls. hihi 

me and two spoiled girl :)

We broke the fasting together. Sop Buah which we made in our dorm is became the takjil. Seeing this children face when they drank, finished the fasting for that day..somehow remind me of my childhood. Children are the same, they get happy so easy. Hearing adzan is probably one of the happiness sources in Ramadhan Month, beside the new clothes of course. haha

" Kak nanti makannya apa? Chicken ya ka?" 
" Hah? Kenapa emang?"
" Chicken ya kak? Ada fanta gak?"

Those conversation makes me wanna laugh, this children evidently hope for fast food as the meal. Lucky us to ordered Hoka-Hoka Bento. At least it still something similiar. hehe

After Shalat, we're finally ate together. As you know eating Hokben food is usually using chopstick. Some of this children couldn't use chopstick well but they keep using it. Funny to see. :D

I talked with Kak Osin, she told me some story and i was amazed. She said she never beg to anyone for funding this children. But donation keep coming and they never run out of money. " I dont wanna beg for funding this place because i teach them not to beg in the street. I gotta a model for them " . 

She also told me the story of one girl. She is forced by her step father to beg on the street. After she met Kak Osin and stayed in this place. The father came with a knife to took her back, but Kak Osin defended her. So now she could got a house to sleep, she could go to school, she could learn her religion.. Oh God, i pray Jannah for Kak Osin, she's so kind :"(

the orange one is the girl im talking about

Hokben never felt that delicious. Since we didn't stay for Shalat Tarawih, after eat we left this place. I had a really good time and learn something today. Thank You for the dinner Sahabat Bumi. Hope there'll be a next time. Amiin :)

Us :)

Taking picture is a must, isn't it? And it turn out that this children is photomaniac too. Haha I got lots of picture taken that day. Thank to Atang for it. Hmmh...i feel like lack of word right now. One thing im sure of..i miss you all.

Hope everyone of you is in a very good state of life, amiiin. :')

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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