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9:02:00 AM

July, 31th 2012

Coffee time with Edwin Hermosoo. 

After finished with Sahabat Bumi, me and this unique person went to Coffee Toffee. We got sooo many things to talk to. Do know why the time to met him is always late at night. No, he's not Edward wanna be who sparkling in day light. He just so busy with every organization he lead. Hehe

Coffee Toffee Bintaro

This place is usually used for Stand Up Comedy. Some comics like Pandji often perform here. The mini stage you see above is the place where the comics perform. The place it self is quite simple. Yaaa, too bad there're only a few sofa there. Coffee shop in my opinion would be perfect with lots of sofa. Weird, i know. hehe

We ordered Cappuccino and Latte that night. Each cost Rp16.000,00. The coffee was good, but not my favorite. Kopitiam Oey is much better.

And so the talking is started. As i gripe about my love life which seems foggy, he gripe about so many thing from the upcoming farewell party, his homesick and everything. Good thing about talking to him is..instead of being sorry, he'll laugh at your problem and say some funny comment about it. Makes me laugh too. hehe But went im finally in my room, he'll text some wise word to chill me out. Such a good friend, doesn't he? :)

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