Mang Haji Donal

11:42:00 PM

June, 23th 2012

Before going home from Kawah Putih, we went to Mang Haji Donal for some late lunch. The name was kind a ridiculous for me. Like a sundanese version of McDonald. The differences is..this Donal not only sell burger, he also sells bakso, pempek, fried rice and porridge hahaha

Mang Haji Donal - Bandung

The room is quite big and not too crowded. We could choose to use chair or lesehan instead. On our desk, we can see the making of bakso or any other food. Such a great idea to inform people that they making food in a clean way. 

We're actually went there for the bakso. So, lets focus on it.
The menu is quite like any other bakso seller, yamien with cheese might be the only difference. I ordered a set of  yamien bakso. And its good. Cost me only Rp15.000,00. 

Mahdi and Edwin Hermosooo

Mamay :*

I went there only with Mamay, Mahdi and Edwin. Indra and Fahri left for their next event. Ah Mamay, i feel like hanging out with my own lil sister whenever im with her. She so cute !

One thing i adore the most of this place is...they give us free zamzam !!!
Its really a wow thing for me. We're really able to drink as much as we like. Its zamzam you know, flight all the way for Mekah ( i see it from the information label ). Ah bless you the owner ! Thank you :")

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