Being Visited (Day 1)

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June, 30th 2012

Since Atang and Alfa when to Bandung, that day..we had a Saturday Night together. Its funny when we realized that..from the sixth of us, no one is taken. Single is so happening right now, isn't it?  Hahaha

my face after hours of waiting

From my dorms, we went to Gedung Sate in order to met Asnur. We waited there and it turns out Asnur waited on the other side. Such a wasted time. Fufufu~

while waiting (again) 

an early moon

Gedung Sate - Bandung

cute lil baby >_<

Our first stop is at DenHaag Klappertaart. Its a small kiosk next to Sundanese restaurant at Riau Street. Only me and Alfa who buy the klappertaart, we bought the juice one and the baked one. I just knew that  klappertaart means coconut cake, huhu Nice, but not my favorite. 

After klappertaart we went to Taman Sari to met Alfa's friend which now i forget the name. Sorry for my absent minded :(

After some turn around and salat we went to Veteran Street to search for Batagor Kinsley. The first greeting from this place when we arrived is..this super cool singer. I just love it from the first sight. I asked them to play the beatles song. And they gave me Hey Jude ! Cool :*

Since i was so hungry i ordered two, batagor and mie yamien. Oh ya ! i just knew that Batagor stand for Baso Tahu Goreng. hahaha Where've i been ? :p

Batagor Kinsley - Bandung

Somay Goreng - Kinsley

Yamien Kinsley - Bandung

Batagor Kuah Kinsley - Bandung

A portion of batagor cost Rp24.000,00 and the Yamien cost around Rp20.000,00. So delicious ! But in the end i cant ate it all, its too much. huhu Thank God i have Gede as my brother. He's so dependable to eat everything ! hahaha 

Asnur :D

Gede my brother and Atang

Gede again haha

Me and Mamih

Alfa's friend

Finished eating we went to Braga to take some picture. I got lost with Atang. I dont know whether i was that stupid in reading mpas or google map joking us. Huhu But we're finally get to Braga street, just in a different way. hehe

Time to spread smileeeeeee :D

A light that never goes out

Braga Street

Mamih, Alfa, Alfa's friend and me

Gede Galau

Mamih :*

Atang hehe

Would you take me away, please?

Tired and sleepy, we went to Mamih's house. Wooooh, such a great time ! Cant wait til tomorrow :D

All the picture taken by Atang Darmawan. 

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