Sandra and Wida Wedding Day

6:51:00 PM

July, 7th 2012

This a big day for my brother, Sandra Aditya Rahman. He's getting married !

Everyone in a family is busy that day. We're being make up in the early morning and get ready before anyone else came. Anyway, i cant say a lot about this marriage, somehow..i believe picture above could tell you that. So check it out...hihi

"hey, we're getting married !"

Pager Ayu, the greeters
before akad nikah


here comes the bride


the main event, ijab kabul.

Sah? | Sah ! | Alhamdulillah | Fuuuuu~

the first kiss - the most romantic scene for me :)

reading the grooms promise

Finish with Ijab Kabul. They're officially a husband and wife now. Officially halal, officially allowed to touch each other, officially being a lifetime partner..officially in love. Now, its time for some Sundanese culture. 


father's tears

the happy couple


We're (Sundanese) only using white clothes for only akad nikah thats why in every marriage mostly the couple will change their clothes about two or three times. So, while the groom and the bride changing clothes, the family using this time to talk and get close to the new family member.

Another culture. This one, if you understand the language, it will make you try to hide a grin. Hahaha Time for "Ngeyeuk seureuh", sundanese sex education for the newly wed. :3 

I didn't take much, im sorry. I was too busy watching at my brother's ashamed face. hahaha At first there're will be a dancer who dance Tari Merak, and a Lengser who opened the way for the newly wed. And... the couple will be asked several naughty question and will asked to do some movement. Hahaha, you better watch it your self. Hahaha

It so funny to see Ngeyeuk Seureuh. Im pretty sure that one day i'll be doing that too. And that time..i dont know if i still feel its funny or not. -___-

Family Picture Time !

The New Family

Mother's in action

my romantic parents

me and my grandma


Calisha and Calista

I was happy for A Sandra and Teh Wida. They fight for their love and prove its true in a marriage. 

Happy Wedding my bother and my new sister :D

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keluarga yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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