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August, 11th 2012

I got a friend named Feni Isdaryani. Her parents is my parent's friend. We were born on the same day, just a different hour. When we were a lil our house was side by side. We both move when we're elementary's student and became a neighbor again when we're junior high. Our school was side by side so always went to school together. Fate bring us to have the same high school. Funny fact? We used to exchange the present when we're having a birthday and we both got a first boyfriend in the same time ! Simply said...she's my twin. I just eat too much so i got bigger than her. :(

Now she's having a study at Undip. The space between us makes it hard to meet each other. So since that day she's at Sukabumi. We plan on having a break fasting together with a Opik. He's our neighbor too back then. hihi

my twin : Feni Isdaryani

We went to Buleng Resto that day. Its my first time here's my opinion. This place is huge, the decoration is yaa enough. But i dont know why it feel....empty. Probably because its just one huge room. Some partition will do, i guess.

This place often used for Nobar or big gathering. Like that day.. Juventus maniac held a Nobar in this place. So crowded. hihi

Juventus Mania
Time for the food. We ordered Chocolate, Strawberry and Blueberry blend. And all of it taste yummy. We also ordered some pasta like spaghetti and lasagna which to my opinion..didn't taste too delicious. The steak is quite delicious and glut. Please dont ask me the price, that night we're treated by A Opik, so i didn't got the bill. Thats the only source for every price i put this blog. huhu

It was so nice to catch up with old friend. Got so many story to be told. She's having her time in Semarang, got a lovely boyfriend and plan on finishing her study as fast as she can. All the prayer for you, Ni. :)

Remembering our old day was such a giggling moment. Doraemon in the sunday morning, bicycling in the evening, kindergarten, look how old we are. Time pass by. Hihi :')

Sukaraja Heroes :p
Im not a football mania but whenever it comes to watch a match together, i could be so excited. Nothing beat the relieve as i scream "GOOOOOLL" along with the others. hihi

We left around eight o'clock. It such a very good night. I dont know when will i see Feni again, i guess i have to wait until Feni get her semester done. Fufufu such a long time. :(

outside desk

Buleng Resto - Sukabumi

For you who want to visit this place, the exact location is at Jalan Siliwangi No. 71 Sukabumi. (0266) 235374 / 9023434. Have a good day peopleeeeee :D

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