Family time - Bandung

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August, 12th 2012

Since a long time ago Bandung always be our family shopping destination. This time, we went there to search my brother's clothes. But as we knew, woman can be soooo easily tempted to shop. In the end, all of us got something to bought ! hihihi

While waiting my father to found a perfect shoes for him, me and my sisters took some picture there. Plebeian i know. But we just got so bored until we didn't care to what people said. :p

On the base ground we found Sunda Unik, past-snack seller. My father was so excited til he bought everything he knew. I guess he miss his childhood so much. :')

The price is more expensive, coklat ayam jago even cost Rp2.000,00 each. Yaa, but for the sake of childhood memories, we bought it still. Taste so old days :")

We went around to search for a place to eat, but most of every big restaurant is full booked. Errrgghh...we're finally ended up in Pasteur, Saung Kabayan Restaurant.

Saung Kabayan - Bandung

The place is quite unique, feels traditional. The decoration is so sundanese. The drawback of this place outdoor, no green. Its just a huge restaurant will bamboo decoration everywhere. 

my father pose when he was hungry :p

The welcome snack was otak-otak. It was delicious, i dont because it really taste that good or we're just so hungry. haha The service is quite long, disappointing. I mean, its break fasting. We'll understand if the meal need some times to be ready due to the lots of order. But can you please bring us the beverage? :(   

Otak-otak by Saung Kabayan - Bandung

Nasi Goreng by Saung Kabayan - Bandung

Nasi Timbel by Saung Kabayan - Bandung

Ayam kecap, main menu of Nasi Timbel

Its not because of the disappointing service, but the meal taste....not so good. I mean if i costed almost Rp40.000,00 per pack, i'll expect something more delicious than that. Do you know when the beverage finally come? When we finished eating and ready to leave. -_____-

my romantic parent :*
Anyway, my dad and my mom really know how to makes me jealous. Public display Affection all the time. But since its my parent, i was so happy to saw them in love. hihi

I hope when i get old, i could be like you..happy and love each other that nice with my husband. Say Amin please?


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