My Sister's Birthday :)

10:37:00 PM

That day was Ama and Iye birthday. We plan on gave them a surprise. So in the morning we left ama in the house on purpose. But when i went to take the cake, reading an short message from Ama made me choked. "Apaan sih ditinggalin gini. Gak lucu. Makasih ya, ulang taun yang berkesan bgt !"

Hoho, easy my're gonna change your mind in the end of the day. :D

I was sneak out to put the cake in the refrigerator. But when the family was finally gather. My mother innocently put the cake outside. No more surprise then. rrrr -________-

me and dede apik :*
After eating, the birthday girls finally blown the candle. Its actually cute to see them have a same birth date. But when it comes to buy the present, its simply makes me wanna cry. huhu~

I felt that i hadn't spent my time with Nene lately. So i just so happy to saw her in our house. She's addicted to cooking, everything she made is so delicious, But why am i as her grandchildren cant cook at all? :(

My grandma and me
Nene, Ibu , Uwa Ida and Ateu Un
While the oldest keep the conversation going, we go outside and did some photo shoot. Such a narcissistic family ! hehe 

Nasya, Ateu Wati and Dede Apik
Teh Melly and A Sendi
Mang Dadan and Ateu Wati
We try to do a levitation shoot. And it turns out that amateur + a lot of people + levitation = hard. But never mind, this experience give me a full of smile pictures. Great :)

Dede apik was the artist of the day. He took the attention and looks good on the camera. Anyway, when we jumped, he always looked at us. But when we're finally on the ground again. He'll jump by his self. hahaha So much cute ! :3

I got a dirty idea. Hahaha I went to the kitchen and brought some flour. Birthday girls cant be that clean right? haha :p

And it was sooooo fun ! We ran and chased each other. Laugh, yell, shout..i was enjoying the moment very much. Too bad mom didn't let some egg involved. huhu

Boys talk, Odew and Fajrin

I splash the water to everyone. Hahaha i feel so powerful and happy. *evil smirk*

But karma did exist. When i was dreamy, they started to took a revenge. I got splashed. Wet and cold. rrrrr...i guess no one got wet as i was. rrr...-___-

It was such a very lovely day. A whole family having fun. I guess their so-called birthday party was a blast !

"Teteh makasih ya. Best birthday ever"
See? You changed your mind, dear sister. hihi 


P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keluarga yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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