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4:03:00 PM

September, 9th 2012

It was our night out before Capacity Building. Thinking that we need some fun before tortured by the army. hahahaha

Anyway, we went to Grand Indonesia. After some short window shopping, we went to Warung Leko to ate. And it turn out that in this GI branch, warung leko had a very cute decoration. Its like a mini train ! hihi  But to my opinion, the taste is...mmm, less yummy than in bintaro's branch. Some menu was unavailable and it cost more expensive ! By the way, here's my review of the Bintaro branch .

Mie goreng Iga by Warung Leko

After that we went straight to Magnum Cafe. But it turn out that we got to wait and be patient to stand in the line until there's an empty seat for us. To kill time, we use this waiting for some photo shoot Thank God Bayu is coming, the photographer duty was on him then hahaha

While waiting, they gave us a free lemonade. Yumyum :*

After a while the seat was finally available. You know, i just love the decoration of this place. So much love from me ! Here's some picture taken that day. :3

Magnum Cafe - Grand Indonesia

red carpet baby!
where the magic is made
topping, topping everywhere..
magnum heaven!
Ah, cute posters :*

Monas !
outside seat

Hope its not too much hehe

Since we've already ate, we didn't ordered much. Oh ya..we're split into two. Bayu and Retno-the couple in one seat, and the rest of us in other seat. I didnt know what the couple ordered, but here's our ice cream..

Wafel de Liege
The Grand Gaufre
Well magnum..everything is yummeeeeeh !
The chocolate is so tasteful, the ice cream and the topping blend in and make it a very delicious dessert.  Though its quite expensive, average Rp30.000-40.000 each, its really worth to try :)

Like every other night of us, we had a very good time to remember. But its sad to think a time like this is going to be rare in the future. :(

Right after finished eating, we left this cafe. Yaaa, we've been through the waiting so..we didn't want people waiting too long for their seat. As simple as that.  

We took photos like crazy. hahaha

After Uma got her shoes, and after all of us feel enough looking around, we went home- eh dorm. Oh, we went to Teddy House and i feel like i was in heaven. Everything's cute and i want it all. Fufufu~

God, can i have a teddy bear castle for my own version of heaven? I promise i'll be a good girl. :p

Tired and felt ache in our feet (Damn high heel !), we sit in the cab and talking about anything. About how capacity building will be, about graduation. I felt ached more than this after-highheel-moment when hearing someone said "Ini bukan malam terakhir kita jalan bareng kan?"

Ah, how i miss you so much Uma, Titik, Ratih, Mona, and Retno. :'(

Some pictue taken by Bayu  Dwi Putra.

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. hai Raisha, saya lagi nyusun skripsi yang temanya tentang Magnum Cafe, tolong bantuin isi kuesioner saya di

    makasih ya :)


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