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August, 17th 2012

Happy Independent Day Indonesia !!
Hahaha, its way too late, i know. But since i wore about that day, i guess saying that would be okay, hehe

So..that day i went to my junior high reunion. Every year we held this event, breakfasting together, in our homeroom teacher. Why always breakfasting? Because most of us is leaving our hometown for studying. That's why Ramadhan is the perfect time for us to gather cause everybodys come home. :)

Every year, i saw so many difference in every person. Some gain weight, some loss, some got hair cut, some tanned, some come with make up, hahaha It so fun ! We talk and talk until Magrib came. After Salat, the main event is ready to begin.

It time to hear our greatest Mom, Bu Tina. She's so wise and always remind us the important thing to do as a human, as a future adult, as a child, as a worker, as a student. I'm one of the children that saved by her. I was so lonely back then, my parents was in the different house and i got some problem with a friend. I drown in comics and got no passion in study. She called me to her office, and i never knew how much it disturb me until she talk to me with her soft voice. From that moment i manage to face my problem and i win. :')

Bu Tina :)
As usual, after she done, she'll ask us one by one to talk about this year achievement. I hear them all i thank God to placed me in that class 9 years ago. Their achievement was amazing. Make me motivated :')

Now time to eternalize the moment. Smile for the cameraaaaa :D

Urri, me and Puput

Boys haha
Oh my, it was such a very very good night. Such a very rare moment. Now its time to pursue my goal so next year, i could at least talk with no shame about my achievement. Hehehe

Thanks to Dikdik and Putri M for arranging this time event. Another thanks i sent for Teguh and Urri for the picture. But most of all, i sent my prayer for all you guys. 

See you in another time and place :))

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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