Afternoon Walk..

12:00:00 AM

July, 8th 2012

After Hummingbird-ing, me and Gede met Opick and Mahdi. We wanted to visit Boscha this time. But before went there we waited for Mamih, Joza and Panggah to went there together. I didn't why, but we ended up waiting for nothing. 

Bandung in the weekend is...fiyuuh~

On our way to Lembang, lots of car stuck due to traffic jam. Thank God we went there by motorcycle so its kind a fast til we arrived at Boscha. But..but..but...Boscha is closed on Sunday. AAAAAAAHHHH T_____T

Not knowing where to go or what to do next..we're agreed to left Lembang and went to Bandung instead. On our way, we stooped by at rabbit seller. Ah, i wish i could brought them home. Mom, please let me :'(

We're finally end up at Surabi Imut (again). I gotta eat before my coming home journey, so beside Surabi Ayam i also ordered Mie tek-tek. 

Surabi Imut - Bandung

Mie Tek-Tek by Surabi Imut Bandung

Surabi Ayam by Surabi Imut Bandung

Surabi Ayam is real good, my favorite. It only costed me Rp7.000,00, quite cheap. Mie Tek-tek is also yummy and makes me sooo fulltank ! The price is Rp16.500,00. 

Such a quick journey, but ya Alhamdulillah i enjoy it so much. Oh well, I feel like im lack of word right now, so..i guess its time to say good night. hehehe

Good night~ >_<

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