Our Night Out

5:37:00 PM

July, 9th 2012

Finally met this gorgeous girls, Uri and Ana. Its kind a hard to meet the both of them since Ana is busy with her work and Uri...all hail her ! She's so busy with her lots of project. Lets said, a time like this is so damn precious. :)

After picked them up, we're went to Wisata Kuliner Selamat for some yummy tutut. Not long after we ordered, Ana's (ex)boyfriend came. Oh well, i was a newly broken hearted and watching this couple in love makes me..aaaaaaaah~ Hahahaha 

Urri and me
So much story shared, meeting this girls keep me up to date with the latest gossip around. hahaha

At 8 o'clock we're going home. Ana left with his boyfriend and i drove Urri home. That time, in the car to Urri's house, a heart to heart talk happen. We kept turning around til we felt enough talking. Its about 10 o'clock when i went home.

I got one thing from that night. 

That best friend will stay no matter how ugly, how shameful and how bad you're. Cause they see that you're better than that. 

Ah, Ucing..hope you read this.
Thank you for sharing your pain to me and thank you for listening my stories. Though sometimes, rrr..mostly  i can't help, i'll  always be there to listen, to pray for you, to let you know that you never...never..never alone. 

You know i love you, right cing? :')

p.s. picture taken by Urri :)

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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